The Star Bowl

This Limited Editions ‘Celestial’ Collection, is designed and created by Chris Danby; Blacksmith and founder of Coach House Forge.

Inspired by Astronomy and Physics, Chris’ design fuses his fascination with modern science and the industrial innovation of the Victorian era to produce these minimal pieces of homeware. Chris took the shape of the humble star, cut it out of sheet metal heating it multiple times to a very high heat. He then uses one of his antique Victorian Fly-presses to persuade the metal to take on a new form, knowing that the deep bowl is harder to produce, Chris expects that each of the bowls would be exquisitely different from the last.

The Limited Editions Series showcases the Blacksmiths at Coach House Forge; their inspirations, their talents and their imaginations to create one-off small collections of beautiful, forged, functional and heir-loom crafted pieces for any occasion.

A single star bowl, one in a collection of 6 pieces, which can be used to hold a single votive candle, a dish for small everyday objects or to sit an object d’art.

This limited one-off collection of iron star bowls has been birthed by fire and pressed into their own shape, by hand, using a Victorian Fly-press.

The resulting shapes are reminiscent of the popular Victorian ‘Handkerchief’ glassware bowls.

View our ‘Star Bowl’ range from our Celestial Collection below