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Are you looking for the perfect gift this Father’s Day? Here at Coach House Forge you can find hand forged gifts that create a truly unique and special present. We really do have some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas that you can personalise (if you wish), which are sure to leave a lasting and loving impression for years to come.

Read our blog in Boho Wedddings. With almost a decade’s worth of experience in the wedding and anniversaries sector, Coach House Forge knows what their customers love.

Read our featured blog in Bespoke Bride where we talk about our range of unique gifts that celebrate love and craftsmanship in the most exquisite manner possible.

The Limited Editions Series showcases the Blacksmiths at Coach House Forge. Beautiful, forged, functional and heir-loom crafted pieces for any occasion.

We don’t have one, but FIVE presses in our forge! We use them for various processes; to stamp our logo and different designs onto the red-hot metal and we also use the larger ones to form the bowls too!

Life at the Coach House Forge Office. What does it take to run a small creative business? People, lots of people! This is what you’d hear in the Cheshire-based office of Coach House Forge, where Amy and Jojo run the day-to-day of the business, while production happens in the forge workshop down the road.

Blacksmith Adrian explains he learned the safety of working with tools from his grandfather right from the get-go, who’s father himself had been a blacksmith in the 1st World War, working alongside the gun carriages to keep them moving.

Finding archaeological artifacts at the bottom of your garden isn’t an everyday occurrence, let alone that the discovery of them changes the course of your life forever, but this happened for Chris Danby.

Coach House Forge – as Featured in Cosmopolitan!

We are in Cosmo! How excited we were to find this wonderful surprise to be picked for this feature on their blog

This wonderful longstanding magazine has found our bestselling Iron bowls and featured it in their list of the best gift ideas for 6th anniversaries article.

We’re super proud to be associated with such high-style and fashion.

This gift ideas list features the PERSONALISED bowl and, since this blog was published, we now have a READY TO SHIP section in our shop of our BESTSELLING designs.

Let’s get all our products featured in all the glamorous international magazines!

Heart Dish

What is a Valentines Day gift for anyway?

Valentines Day is a chance to say ‘I Love You’ when you never get the moment or live apart.

It’s a chance to say how much you care without using words, when important messages of love are missed amid talk about bills and the kids.  

It’s a chance to say, “You mean so much to me and let’s celebrate how far we’ve come.”

At Coach House Forge, we don’t just sell stuff, we sell something more meaningful this Valentines Day, something that you can put your own stamp on. A gift that can be held for many years to come and is not just another piece of junk for the pile.

  • We stamp your message onto the gifts from our shop; personalizing you and your relationship, your journey, the laughs you’ve had, the music, and the life you’ve shared so far, onto something that will last for generations.

We’re not overstating the importance of a Valentine gift because we are specialists in personalisation and in couple’s gifts, so who best to buy from this Valentine’s day?

We’ve got some really great gift ideas that should bring you that smile you love to see.

It’s all about the humble heart shape, so simple and a universal language for love! 

We’ve got a lot of heart for you this Valentines Day

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