Find out about the team, their hobbies & fascinating interests!

We have a former BMX-er, an Oxford PhD scientist, a French polisher, a 18th & 19th Century soldier, and a triathlete!

Meet the whole CHF team

Chris - BlacksmithName: Chris

Joined CHF: I founded the company! In June 2014 I took a Blacksmiths course and it has literally changed my life!

Roles: Blacksmith, CEO, R&D, Creator, and regular Good Going Dr. Fun!

Hobbies & Interests: Building stuff… in the garden mostly, which ties in with my interest in physics and how stuff works, so I’m always happiest tinkering with things. While doing all that I listen to a lot of history podcasts.

My eldest son is a drummer in a band and I’ve turned into a bit of roadie for them, they’re great! And, I am excited  every time they have a gig.

When I’m not working, or roadie-ing, or building stuff,  I follow the football (local and national teams) of which Lincoln City is the club I’ve followed for longest.

Interesting facts about you: I have a degree in biology and used to be a Water Pollution Environmental Officer before I stopped to become a full-time blacksmith!

I still hold my home town record (I think) for a Frame Stand on my BMX …I also broke a friend’s arm doing a trick in a half pipe too so it wasn’t all glory!

Also, as a teen, I played County Squash and, while I don’t pursue BMX or squash any more I’m still active, occasionally go for a run so I can keep fit to be a Youth Football Assistant Referee.

What’s your favourite product CHF sells and why? The Button Bowls! They are one of the first products I designed and are still doing well years later, and they were featured in a book by Nicholas Wicks, ‘The Everyday Blacksmith’

Amy - CEO

Name: Amy

Joined CHF: December 2018.

Roles: CEO, IT support, Web Maintenance, Finances… everything except blacksmith really!

Hobbies & Interests: I love gardening and the family dog, Loxley, is my shadow but can be more of a hindrance than a help around the greenhouse! I enjoy wild swimming when it’s available, but most of the time I’m taxiing my three boys around for various after school activities!

Interesting facts about you: I once walked 50 miles on the south downs for charity and I’ve also done a triathlon and our team won, which I’m really proud of.

I am handy with a needle and thread and have made clothes for myself!

What’s your favourite product CHF sells and why? The Starburst Dish! They make me so happy – they’re like looking at  ‘warp drive’! It’s a lovely contrast of modern and traditional and so tactile too. I never tire of this design.

What’s it like working with your husband? It’s actually really great, and I feel so lucky that we can! Our skills are balanced to make it work as we’re both creative and really love the business we’ve made together.

Jojo - Business Manager

Name: Jojo

Joined: July 2019

Roles: Business Manager, Customer Service, Day-to-day running of things, Packer, Shipper, List Creator and Editor, Blog Writer, Organizer, Creative Stuff,  Shoulder Rubber and so much more!!!

Hobbies & Interests: I am studying for a qualification in Swedish Classical Massage, and I am certified in Crystal Therapy and perform other complimentary therapies. I love to meditate, philosophize and talk about the deep stuff. Oh, and Tattoos… gotta get ’em all. Everywhere!

Interesting facts about you: I have won trophies for Playing Pool, notably for county (Staffordshire & Oxfordshire) while at university. I have a DPhil (PhD) in Zoology from Oxford, of which I’m very proud, as it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

I have a certificate in dog massage!

What’s your favourite product CHF sells and why? The large pressed iron bowls. They sound AMAZING when tapped on the rim. I have quite a few Coach House Forge bowls in my home and this one is still my favourite, which, in my view, rivals the sound of those fancy crystal bowls!

Adrian - Blacksmith

Name: Adrian

Joined CHF: November 2020

Roles: Blacksmith 

Hobbies & Interests: Motorcycling – I love nothing more than to get out on my bike, in all weathers and explore, especially find a great place to have an afternoon cuppa and a piece of cake! I’m a huge fan of the National trust and their gardens too, which is a perfect mix with owning a motorbike.

Interesting facts about you: I am a ‘time served’ cabinet maker (and French polisher), which means I spent the allotted time as an apprentice to learn this particular trade. I used to do woodwork on Bentleys and Rolls Royce motor cars in this capacity, which was interesting.

I’ve met the now King Charles III when he was the Prince, the late Queen and Princess Margaret.

Last but not least, I absolutely love dogs!

What’s your favourite product CHF sells and why? The Copper Button Bowl The tonal contrast of the copper rivets against the steel is lovely, and I find it reminiscent of Britain’s industrial heritage.

Name: Richard Richard - Blacksmith

Joined CHF: December 2022

Roles: Blacksmith

Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy historical reenactment, and living history; 18th & 19th century British military, and more recently Ancient Greek. I’ve taken part in these events across the UK and even internationally having attended several of the bicentennial events of the Napoleonic Wars across Spain, France & Belgium.

I am quite the crafter and enjoy sewing and leatherwork, mostly to make historical clothing and uniforms, and also prop replicas! 

Interesting facts about you: I have a degree in history, and also spent 3 years at the National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford, and my handmade uniforms are featured in a couple books!

What’s your favourite product CHF sells and why? The Medium Hammered Bowl. When the light hits the facets of the hammer marks, you see all the texturing that’s gone into making it, and you can see the depth of colour to the metal.

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