How to care for your Coach House Forge Metal

Here are some care instructions on how to keep your metal looking its best!

When we make our Iron & Steel bowls we treat them with two specialist waxes to the metal looking its best.

Over time, these waxes will wear away and so we advise you keep the metal looking its best by keeping it dry and periodically polish with a dry cloth.

  • Wipe with a clean dry rag/old cloth – something cotton is best, like an old shirt or towel.
  • Use a furniture wax, we recommend a little bit of Renaissance Wax, use a tiny bit all over the metal, let the wax dry and then polish with the rag.

If you see rusty spots appear, this is where the wax has receded and the metal has started to oxidize.

  1. Wipe the metal with a dry cloth
  2. Use a fine wire wool to take off the rust
  3. Apply a thin layer of wax over the whole item, and allow it to dry (~10 minutes)
  4. Buff the metal with all your might: Get the rag going and see how the metal shines up again!
  5. Enjoy your efforts

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Copper is a soft metal that we treat with professional wax (Renaissance Wax).

The great thing about copper is that its colour (patina)naturally changes slowly over time.

Keep the metal dry.

You can use a standard metal polish once in a while to keep it looking shiny, and give the metal a light dusting with a dry cloth when you fancy.

Aluminium is a fantastic light-weight, soft and yet hardy metal.

Being a softer metal it may get surface scratches so you can polish these into obscurity with a specialist soft metal polish (cream).

Please keep this metal dry and use a wax to coat the surface to avoid corrosion (see more about aluminium corrosion in this link

We treat our bronze products with a layer of specialist wax (Renaissance wax) to keep the metal from oxidizing, but this thin layer will recede over time and discoloration is normal to see.

Keep the metal dry to slow this process and you can use a metal cleaner to clean up your metal and, when dry, apply a thin layer of wax to the metal, leave to dry (~10 mins)and then polish with a cloth and admire your work!